"uiloos" requires a license when used commercially. For more information see: pricing.

To activate your license call licenseChecker.activateLicense:

import { licenseChecker } from '@uiloos/core';


When done successfully you should see the following message in the console:

uiloos > license > license activated, this license is for use with 10 developers. We thank you for your support, you can disable this message if you want to. If you are not the owner of this website please ignore this message.

You can prevent the message from popping up in the console by calling licenseChecker.activateLicense with the option logLicenseActivated set to false:

import { licenseChecker } from '@uiloos/core';

  { logLicenseActivated: false }

Questions & Answers

  • Not it does not, no calls to external servers are made during activation. The activation process happens entirely locally, in the end-users browser.

  • "uiloos" will keep on working like before.

    In fact because "uiloos" checks the license locally it cannot know when the license expires, it is your responsibility to make sure your license is still valid.

  • "uiloos" will function normally, no functionality is capped / obstructed in any way.

    However a message is logged to the console.warn saying you have entered an invalid license.

  • This is considered using a personal license, you are allowed to evaluate and experiment with "uiloos" as long as it is for personal use. See pricing for more information.

    "uiloos" itself will work fully when no license is activated. However you will see a message in the console.warn, saying no license is activated every time you use on of the components.

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