A Letter to Managers

a manager

Dear Manager,

You are probably reading this letter because one of your team members want to use this library and needs a license. Now you are wondering what this software library is all about.

"uiloos" is a library which provides common user interface components, such as tabs, carousels and more. Without having a visual appearance of its own, this gives designers the power to bring their own unique designs without compromising on the look and feel.

An apt analogy is the Volkswagen group, a large automobile concern. It contains brands such as Audi, SEAT and Škoda. It would be wasteful if each brand would create their own cars completely from scratch, so what they did was create a "platform". The platform contains common components such as the chassis and suspensions. Each brand build on top of these platforms to create a unique design.

What uiloos is a "platform" for user interface components, which provides common behaviors out of the box. uiloos will accelerate your front-end developers and lets them create user interface components faster.

I hope to save your developers a lot of time and effort by providing them this library.

Yours truly,

Maarten Hus

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